About me

Eastern barred bandicoot scat sampling

Welcome to my ecology research website!

My name is Anthony Rendall and I’m currently an Associate Lecturer in Conservation Biology at Deakin University. In my spare time (ha..ha..) I’m also finishing off my PhD which focuses on understand the trophic dynamics of invasive species communities; particularly where the top invasive predator has been controlled (i.e. red foxes).

My primary research focus is on improving our understanding of invasive species interaction to facilitate conservation outcomes for endangered species, and ecosystems more broadly. Pest management can often be focused on single species, however, increasingly evidence highlights the importance of considering the invasive community more broadly; otherwise ‘unintended consequences’ can occur. Although I have a strong interest in invasive species management, the core focus of these efforts is always the conservation of endemic fauna. As such my research is now starting to look at how endemic species can co-exist with invasive predators and looking to apply learning’s from this to current invasive species mitigation strategies (i.e. rebuilding resilience in ecosystems).

Currently, I’m also collaborating on projects working on human-wildlife conflict; post-fire dynamics of small mammal communities; yellow bellied glider distribution in highly disturbed landscapes and the use of bioacoustics for monitoring vocalising terrestrial mammals (koala’s and yellow bellied gliders).