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Eastern barred bandicoot scat sampling

Welcome to my ecology research website!

My name is Anthony Rendall and I’m currently an Lecturer in Conservation Science at Deakin University. I have a strong applied ecology focus working with land managers and practitioners to find solutions to contemporary conservation challenges. This research spans the fields of invasive species ecology, threatened species recovery, trophic dynamics, landscape ecology and human-wildlife conflict.

My research has included understanding invasive species dynamics within island ecosystems (cats, rabbits, rats, mice) working to understand the best management scenarios to facilitate the persistence of translocated threatened species. I have also worked with arboreal mammals to consider the influence of land modification on their capacity to persist within rural and urban landscapes. More recently I have begun working on issues of human-wildlife conflict in Sri Lanka with a view to understanding species’ ecology to best inform mitigation measures to facilitate human-wildlife coexistence.

In my role at Deakin I equally teach extensively into the Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) degree. I am the unit chair for ‘Biodiversity: A global perspective’; ‘Professional practice’ and ‘Wildlife field studies’. These units provide students with introductions to the world of biodiversity and the challenges we face in conserving it; building students’ abilities in career education to assist them on their pathway to employment through work-integrated learning; and developing students’ practical field ecology skills including experiemental design and statistical analysis.

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